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Are you ready to revolutionize the way you communicate with your audience?

Recycle-o-bill is the first-of-its-kind recycling billboard that transforms how brands connect and engage with their audience while showing off their eco-friendly side.

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Are you ready to revolutionize the way you communicate with your audience?


Do you wish there was a way to increase customer engagement and create a unique experience no matter where your customers are at?


With the innovative, leading-edge Recycle-o-bill, there is! This first-of-its-kind recycling billboard transforms how brands connect and engage with their audience while showing off their eco-friendly side.


Using this revolutionary, free-standing, automated recycling station, you can reach many more people without having to print expensive flyers or rent billboards. Featuring an HD LED digital communication screen that you can fully customize and program from anywhere, you can finally optimize every marketing campaign while custom-tailoring it to a specific audience.


Need to adjust your marketing? No problem. Upload new ad copy and graphics in seconds with our easy-to-use platform. Want to push out a public announcement? Just do so with a few simple clicks.


Here are just a few incredible features of the Recycle-o-bill:


  • Massive 69-inch LED display

  • Make announcements

  • Promote multi-stream recycling

  • Show your brand's environmentally conscious side


Engage with your eco-conscious community members right where they're at with the Recycle-o-bill!

The Ultimate Sales Tool for your Car Dealership!

Bringing customers to your dealership is a full-time job. It all adds up, whether TV commercials, local newspaper advertisements, or billboards. But what if there was a way to attract customers to your lot without paying for overpriced ads that don't deliver the ROI you're searching for?


After all, the most challenging part of selling cars is getting buyers to show up at the door. Recycle-o-bill is the ultimate sales tool for your car dealership!


Our innovative Recycle-o-bill is a recycling billboard and receptacle all in one. Not only will it bring customers to your lot to recycle, but what better way to show off the latest models, sales promotions, and more than with the built-in, fully programmable, massive 69-inch LED display?


Advertise your next great deal, get your customers excited about the next best thing in automobiles, and more with the Recycle-o-bill!


It's time to create a new type of sustainability. Are you ready to experience the SHOUT! Recycling revolution today?


Click here to find out more!

Luxury Cars from Above
Car dealerships
Poker Table

Hit the recycling jackpot with Recycle-o-bill!

Keeping your casino filled is easy. People love a chance to win the jackpot with every bet. Why not attract a new wave of customers with a first-of-its-kind recycling billboard and receptacle all-in-one?


There's no easier way to promote your upcoming new games, concerts, and other live events at your casino or make live winner announcements for in-house promotions than with the innovative, eco-friendly Recycle-o-bill. Want to grab the attention of every visitor? Now you can.


Recycle-o-bill is revolutionizing how casinos bring in customers by transforming the customer experience. We make gaming better.


Keep shoppers informed like never before.

Shout Environmental is changing the way we communicate. Our Recycle-o-bill is a recycling billboard and receptacle all in one. It's the first of its kind, innovative, and leading edge. So if you want to connect with your shoppers and show your eco-friendly side, leasing the Recycle-o-bill is a great way to do it.


Whether you want to sell advertising space to other stores in your mall or keep shoppers up-to-date on the latest promotions and store hours, the Recycle-o-bill is changing how you do it. Our fully-customizable programming ensures you can keep things fresh and curate your mall advertising how you see fit.


Sell more ad space to stores in your mall with Recycle-o-bill today!


Click here to lease yours today!

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Change the way you interact with your students.

Your university runs better when your student body and faculty are well-informed on the latest events, school information, and more. Recycle-o-bill is a revolutionary, free-standing, automated recycling station with integrated HD LED digital communication screens designed for maximum connectivity and engagement.


We designed our innovative marketing and eco-friendly receptacle to keep your campus clean, promote sustainability, and put the power of engagement in your hands. We're changing how you interact and engage with your student body one receptacle at a time.


Ready to revolutionize your university marketing and sustainability campaign? Click here to lease your Recycle-o-bill today!


Today’s consumers are more environmentally conscious than ever before


Of consumers say that they want brands to help them be more environmental and ethical



Consumers say it's important that brands are sustainable and environmentally responsible



Feel better when they purchase goods that are sustainably produced



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