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Media type: Digital

Screen size: 50” x 69”

Space: 8 sq.ft

Cabinet size: 57” x 76”

Resolution: 72dpi

Color mode: RGB

File type: JPEG or PNG

Max file size: 15 M

Ad duration: 8 seconds

Recycle-o-Bill provides a clean, green, and reliable waste disposal system to all of our site partners. In addition, our screens can display real-time alerts of important crime notices in the area. The main goal of Recycle-o-Bill is to promote the segregation of waste. The infographics and clearly separated dustbins make it easy for anyone to throw their waste into the correct bin.

Why is waste segregation important?

It reduces methane and other harmful gases emissions into the atmosphere, and saves space and time. Landfills will be less cluttered, and workers will spend less time and money segregating waste on the back-end. Our digital screens give directions and reminders on how and why you should correctly dispose of your waste

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